"Some view the underrepresentation of women and minority asset managers as a problem.  Capital Access Partnership sees it as an opportunity; one of the largest in the marketplace."


Women and minority asset managers out perform their relative markets.

Women and minority managers expertly pursue the profit objective by out performing the market. A 2012 KPMG/NAIC study concluded that the median net returns for its members was 15.2% from 1998-2011 verse 7.1% for Thomas Reuters U.S. Buyout Index.  Similarly, Rothstein Kass Institute 2013 reported that their sample of women-owned or –managed private equity funds reported net returns of 14.8% in 2012, topping the Cambridge Associates US Private Equity Index of 13.8%. 


Women owned hedge funds

The market performance of women hedge funds continues to be good.


Minority Private Equity Funds

Minority private equity funds performed better than their peers. 



Pension funds have negligible allocations to Minority private equity funds even where minority populations are significant. 

Assets under management remain concentrated

Individual investors and funds of funds are the leading sources of capital for women and minority asset managers.  Raising money is a key challenge.